Beauchet Arthur

Beauchet Arthur - Postdoctoral fellow
Joined the group in 2022

I am a Post-doctoral researcher in plant cell and molecular biology in the field of organ growth, crop productivity. After I obtained my master degree of plant biology and biotechnology at Bordeaux university, I graduated with my PhD in 2022 where I studied the molecular mechanisms controlling Tomato fruit organogenesis and fruit size determination in the Flowering, Fruit Development and Environmental Constraints team at INRAe. My PhD consisted in studying the functional role of FW2.2, the protein associated to the major QTL governing fruit weight in tomato. I demonstrated that FW2.2 is associated with Plasmodesmata and is involved in cell-to-cell communication by modifying the callose deposition status, so that the aperture of Plasmodesmata is modified. Since October 2022, I joined the systems biology of yield and the innovative breeding groups to work on the EU-funded BREEDIT project which aims at developing a flexible pipeline that combines multiplex gene editing of genes related to growth and yield-traits and different crossing schemes to generate plants with modified traits. Taking advantages of BREEDIT, I am currently using multiplex genome editing to target Cis-regulatory regions of known negative growth regulators. My academic training and research experiences have provided me an excellent background in multiple domains including plant cell biology, molecular biology, genetic engineering and plant development. I had to adapt to different working environments and study different plant models (Tomato, Tobacco, Arabidopsis thaliana, Brachypodium distachyon and Maize) to carry out my work. I have gained expertise with a lot of different techniques such as molecular cloning (Gateway and Goldengate) and tomato transgenesis, multiplex genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9, Cis-regulatory regions targeting with CRISPR/Cas9, GUS staining, phenotyping, in situ hybridization and microscopy.